Public administration is defined by academia as the implementation of government policy, but a more common view is that it is the management of pubic resources. During my approximately 30 combined years with the Navy and USDA I managed a variety of public assets in order to implement government policies while maintaining compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) and Federal Statues. Some of those resources being:

Finance – In the Navy I was responsible for OPTARs (operational targets), and tracking available obligated fund. With the USDA I administered appropriated and user fee funds.

Manpower – In both government jobs and my Office Manage job I was responsible for building teams, assigning project duties and scheduling. I also planned and scheduled training, providing mentoring and counseling as needed.

Logistics – In both the Navy and USDA positions I was responsible for contracting, shipping, receiving, storage and disbursement of operationally essential materials and equipment.

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