Dental Office – Practice Manager

I moved to Naperville over 20 years ago to manage a small local business. Managing a healthcare practice has required applying and developing a broad set of skills in order to solve daily business/operational challenges. The dental industry is a stressful, rapidly changing and heavily regulated business environment, which makes management of human resources, finances and facilities more complex then most other private or public enterprises.

  • Building teams and managing staff relations (Human resources) in a demanding and fast paced workplace.
  • Managing training requirements to; maintain accreditations (certification, licensees), operate equipment (x-ray, autoclave), assure environmental safety (infection control, protective equipment) and comply with regulations (HIPAA, PII, waste disposal), which required strong planning, execution and tracking ability.
  • Monitor changes in industry requirements and improvements in equipment & treatment best practices; integrating them in to practice operations.
  • Supervise required Facilities/Capital improvements in addition to modifications to existing maintenance requirements.
  • Managing finances, complicated by insurance issues, which adds an insurance element to all accounts and forecasts.
  • Evaluating forecasted and actual production, as well as reviewing accounts receivable and payable to assess financial health.
  • Applying managerial accounting methodologies to development appropriate metrics to measure cash flow, working capital and operational efficiency.

The last 20+ years of managing a small Naperville business has giving me experience in business-city interactions and regulations in addition to familiarity with the local small business environment and community. This experience makes me well equipped to deal with the challenges Naperville will face in the future.