This 67 acre lot with its proposed 240 residential units would be the larges residential PUD on the North side of Naperville in years. The council approved allowing this property to be zoned residential years ago, so this is not sudden or unanticipated.

Incorporating this property and approving the PUD will provide an opportunity to address the storm water concerns of Neighbors, provide enhanced green space, improved access to this area and the surrounding recreational areas.

The traffic entrance to this property was improved years ago with a signal light. Yes, traffic will increase but this intersection was designed and built to handle a high volume of traffic so it should not create any problems for neighboring residential properties.

As to density, there is already a similar density PUD next to this land with the Dananda Court development. So again development of this land in this way has been discussed and anticipated for years. I know some people in the area have gotten use to using this land as they pleased but they do not have a right to access. But that is not a good reason to deny this property own the approval to develop this land in a manor discussed for years and in keeping with similar residential developments bordering this property. City Council should approve this PUD.

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